Artist, writer, marketer

Since completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the National Art School in Sydney in 2015, I have spent the last five years painting landscape. A major work Southerly Bondi occupied nearly a year. I then spent a most enjoyable interlude painting en plein-air in the Western MacDonald Ranges in Central Australia. This sojourn in the MacDonald Ranges formed the basis for a series of studio landscapes that was showcased at my solo exhibition in Sydney in September 2018.

Since then I and my wife Ruth travelled overseas for 18 months. I sketched, drew and painted as we went, and built up lots of reference materials that will last me for many years to come. After our return to Sydney quarantine we have lived in Byron Bay and now for the past year again in Sydney.

I worked full-time in tourism and hospitality for over 35 years. First in adventure travel and then hotels. I wrote ads, brochures and websites as well as advised on strategic and creative direction for many successful businesses. For all these years I was fortunate to travel extensively throughout Australia and the world, and whenever and wherever possible sought out remote and extraordinary natural settings that continue to offer rich inspiration for my art.

I still consult in brand strategy plus hospitality and tourism marketing, as well as do a spot of travel writing. In addition, I have just completed a four year project with my friend Kiyoshi Matsomoto to write a book entitled Japan Unmasked – all about the history, culture and society of this fascinating country. However, irrespective of these distractions, I now devote as much time as possible to my art!

Born in 1956 and brought up in Sydney, I married my beautiful Swiss partner Ruth in 1983. We have raised two wonderful creative daughters – Helena and Olivia.

At an early age painting and drawing became a real love. This passion continues!