Artist Statement

To capture poetic Nature

I have a life-long passion for Australian bush and wilderness environments; this subject is implanted in me and I have a need to record and share these uplifting experiences.

I seek to capture poetic Nature, aiming to encapsulate a sense of place through my memory of the felt emotions of being there and my resultant unconscious intuitions. I paint my own interpretation of the strangeness of our natural environment. I follow in the aesthetic traditions of Western representation, exploring paint, colour, geometric composition and perspective on the shoulders of Romanticists such as Eugene von Guérard, Expressionists such as Paul Gauguin, Australian modernists such as Fred Williams and Albert Namatjira, and Post-Modernists such as William Robinson, to name but a few.

My passion for detail is inherent in much of my work, where the whole is made up of so many wonderful parts. My lyricism of line and often intense saturated colour are intended to accentuate the weirdness and beauty of my surrounding environs. I paint and draw on canvas, board or paper using any combination of oils and acrylic paint, pastels, inks and charcoals. En plein-air sketches and digital images inform my studio-based work. My work is planned from the outset however with enough room to evolve form and colour as I progress.

I hope to create a body of work that inspires joyous aesthetic contemplation.

Richard Rosebery drawing at Golden Gully, February 2014,

Richard Rosebery drawing at Golden Gully, Hill End, NSW, February 2014.