Brush Fire selected for NAS Grad Show 2015

Richard Rosebery Posts

Brush Fire was selected for Main Gallery exhibit at the National Art School Graduate Show 2015 in Sydney. Over 3,000 people attended Opening Night on 26 November 2015.

Brush Fire was my final work for this three-year Fine Arts Degree and is my attempt to capture the Sublime – the fear and awe experienced by us when viewing the sheer destructive power and beauty of Nature. I have spent a year studying aesthetics in art history, and this work is the culmination of my studies in landscape painting and sublime aesthetics.

Tragically Brush Fire proved to be highly topical on Opening Night as a raging fire, that destroyed life and property across 85,700 hectares north of Adelaide, was that day’s front-page news.

See Brush Fire and my essay on the romantic and contemporary sublime.

The above image is of a 2014 National Art School Graduate work by Anne Delaney, Bone Spiral VII, ceramic, 48 x 15 x 16 cm.